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Im Dienste Gottes

Mir ist eine Offenbarung gegeben, sie ist mir von Gott gegeben und sie ist mir für einen jeden von euch gegeben.

Große Worte, nur ein Satz und doch brauchte ich lange dreißig Jahre um ihn nun zu schreiben oder auch auszusprechen.

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71 Kristi Ann's Haven
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Kristi Ann's Haven is a Safe Haven for Everyone. Holy Bible Based on God's Living Word! Prayerbook for everyone. Physically Challenged Forum, for Disabilities. Animals Haven, for all types of animals. Come and Join today!
72 Be my friend
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making new friends all over the world, irrespective of age/ gender/ or where we are from
73 Welcome Home
0 0

Missing children, Hugs, Ancestry, Bears of all sorts, Family, Sharing Love and Prayers, Cards
74 ** Angel Hugs 'N Smiles **
0 0

~Angel Hugs 'N Smiles is a Loving Christian family fun site, with poems, Quilt Pages, FFA Links, stories, scriptures and much much more to inspire all ages...Clean and safe environments. Jesus and angel graphics. And check out my Quilt Pages....
75 Littlebean's Community Area
0 0
Hey Guys! I have my own messageboard and its daily active.. I hope you guys join and have fun with us!

76 SingleC.com
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A Christian Dating and Christian Singles Network: Dating, personals, chat, ads, articles, love, romance and more... Find your Christian soulmate!
77 Restoration Through Christ Ministries
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RTC Ministries is a non-denominational church located in North Carolina. We cordially invite you to visit our website & enter into the presence of the Lord.
78 Christian Moms Connected
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Parenting is one of the most rewarding yet challenging responsibilities God gave us. It is a blessing to be able to talk with other parents and share our experiance of parenting. Our Children go through many stages of growth and we need to be there for al
79 Romans Road End Time Ministries
0 0
Romans Road Ministries is a website to show the positive side of life, God. He is the most positive thing that I know and I hope to reflect that to all who visits the site. God changes things.
80 Withered Hand Ministries Inc.
0 0
We are a ministry of restoration, reconcillation, and hope with our main emphasis on soul winning.

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