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71 Serve The Lord Top 100 !
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Free promotion of Christian Sites! Please include a message of salvation, or a link to one. Join us today and spread the Good News!

72 Serve The Lord
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Jesus is Coming Back Sooner Than You Think--Keeping A Close Eye On Israel and Endtime Prophecies--Salvation Message For Those Who Are Lost and Seeking..Visit Us Today! God Bless.
73 If I Be Lifted Up
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Christian message board for Christians of all denominations and for those who do not yet know the Lord Jesus Christ.
74 Welcome Home
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Missing children, Hugs, Ancestry, Bears of all sorts, Family, Sharing Love and Prayers, Cards
75 ** Angel Hugs 'N Smiles **
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~Angel Hugs 'N Smiles is a Loving Christian family fun site, with poems, Quilt Pages, FFA Links, stories, scriptures and much much more to inspire all ages...Clean and safe environments. Jesus and angel graphics. And check out my Quilt Pages....
76 Surrendering To God
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77 Be my friend
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making new friends all over the world, irrespective of age/ gender/ or where we are from
78 The Heavenly Hangout
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A Place For Christians To Hangout.
79 Kristi Ann's Haven Top Christian Sites!
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Kristi Ann's Haven Top Christian Sites! All Christian Websites are Welcome to Join us here! Kristi Ann's Haven is a Safe Haven for Everyone.
80 SingleC.com
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A Christian Dating and Christian Singles Network: Dating, personals, chat, ads, articles, love, romance and more... Find your Christian soulmate!

List Founded February 2005!

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