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Iglesia Apostolica Cristo Vive

Que sean bienvenidos a la web oficial de la Iglesia Apostólica Cristo Vive. Sabemos que sera de gran bendición para tu vida pues sabemos que en estos tiempos finales ahy que buscar a Dios mas que nunca, BUSCALO!

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51 Our Father's Page Christian Forums and Community
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We invite you to join our most recent extension
to Our Father's Page Ministry that the Lord has given us the privilege
of serving the web through, for 12 years!
Join us and help our new community forum grow for the glory of God!

Create your free pro
52 The King James Bible Online
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Now you can read the entire King James Version of the Bible from the convenience of your computer! You can even email any chapter to your friends or family!
53 Kim Lives Here
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My blog is the highlights of a 32 year old Christian girl in USA,MA with other interesting accessories (Games, , HTML Tricks, Mini Icons, Crazy Text, ASCII Trends, Google Fun, Web Cams)
54 Yeshakem Soap Shoppe
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Christian, family-owned web store featuring our own unique line of handmade, cold-process French-milled soaps. Beautiful and long-lasting---there's a blessing in every bar! Proceeds benefit The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry.
55 `Julies Heart`
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Julie is an 18 yr old Christian who's heart is failing. She has been given 8 weeks to live unless God heals her or gives her a Donor Heart. Come and pray with the rest of the world and send Julie your thoughts and prayers!
56 Noah's Ark - Top Sites
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Christian website directory - Feel free to add your family friendly Christian website and banner!!
57 The Lord's Bookstore
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Huge Discount Christian Bookstore Superstore that HONORS CHRIST-books, music, videos, software, homeschooling supplies, audiobooks and MORE!
58 Serve The Lord
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Jesus is Coming Back Sooner Than You Think--Keeping A Close Eye On Israel and Endtime Prophecies--Salvation Message For Those Who Are Lost and Seeking..Visit Us Today! God Bless.
59 Kristi Ann's Haven Top Christian Sites!
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Kristi Ann's Haven Top Christian Sites! All Christian Websites are Welcome to Join us here! Kristi Ann's Haven is a Safe Haven for Everyone.
60 The King James English Bible Code
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The Bible Code in English in the King James Bible, on prophecy and the world today

List Founded February 2005!

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