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East Valley Gospel

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31 The King James Bible Online
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Now you can read the entire King James Version of the Bible from the convenience of your computer! You can even email any chapter to your friends or family!
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Scourby.com offers MP3 downloads of the King James Bible Narrated by Alexander Scourby. Once downloaded, they then can be transferred to an mp3 player or an Ipod. The site has selected scripture readings by Alexander Scourby the people can listen to as
33 NetHerbalist
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NetHerbalist is the Holistic Health Ministry of First Love Fellowship.
34 Blessings Christian Family Top 100
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Top Christian Family Sites--including homeschooling, retail, books, Bible study, ministry, modest clothing & more!
35 Priceless Purity
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Priceless Purity is a Christian site exclusively for women of all ages! A lot of girls now days don't have a pure lifestyle as they should---that is why Priceless Purity is here---to show them how priceless it really is!
36 The Lord's Bookstore
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Huge Discount Christian Bookstore Superstore that HONORS CHRIST-books, music, videos, software, homeschooling supplies, audiobooks and MORE!
37 Serve The Lord
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Jesus is Coming Back Sooner Than You Think--Keeping A Close Eye On Israel and Endtime Prophecies--Salvation Message For Those Who Are Lost and Seeking..Visit Us Today! God Bless.
38 Kristi Ann's Haven Top Christian Sites!
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Kristi Ann's Haven Top Christian Sites! All Christian Websites are Welcome to Join us here! Kristi Ann's Haven is a Safe Haven for Everyone.
39 Noah's Ark - Top Sites
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Christian website directory - Feel free to add your family friendly Christian website and banner!!
40 The King James English Bible Code
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The Bible Code in English in the King James Bible, on prophecy and the world today

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