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Site Of the Moment:
Perfect Gift Ministries Internet Center

Perfect Gift Ministries, where we teach the Living Word of God and share the Hope provided therein.

Rank Site In Out
61 Blessings Christian Family Top 100
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Top Christian Family Sites--including homeschooling, retail, books, Bible study, ministry, modest clothing & more!
62 Upwardtrails A Christian Activities Organization
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Upwardtails is a Christian Outdoors Activities Organization. Located in the Pacific Northwest USA!
63 Glimpses of God
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God's Word revealed, the true Bible Code; promoting worship, praise, adoration, faith, hope, truth, brotherhood, unity, and love via scriptural methods of Bible Study.
64 KJV Bible Top 100Sites!
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Directory of Christian Websites that uphold that the King James Bible is the infallible written Word of God. KJV Bible Top 100 is for Missionary, King James Version Only, Premillennial, Independent, Fundamental, Baptist Websites. Join us today!

65 Crystal Lightning Ministry
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Dreams, Visions, Prophecy,Teachings, Interactive Fellowship
66 Courtney's Contemplations
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A blog about the daily life of a 21 year old, keeper at home, Christian lady, who lives with her family of 8.
67 Bible Genealogy and Ancient History
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A Complete Bible Genealogy: biographies, Bible cross reference, Hebrew name meanings, places, lineages, dates, maps, timeline, secular contemporaries and Ancient dynastic history of Middle and Near East - All on CD
68 Bible Family Tree Topsites
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Bible Family Tree Topsites - Feel free to join and Add your Christian and Genealogy sites and banners
69 agapeindia
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Evangelism & Church Planting
Rescueing and rehabilitation of Street Children and Rag Pickers
Outreach among Slum Dwellers, Stone Breakers and Eunuchs
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