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White Cottage Publishing Company
White Cottage Publishing Company is a full-service print media publishing company in turning author manuscripts into quality books.

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11 The Lords True Vineyard Biblical Truths Revealed
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Is Hell Real? See for yourself = What Happens at Death? = Read accounts of those that died & saw Hell, Listen to Researchers recording of those in Hell.
Jesus Salvation, The Truth about Baptism.
12 Powerfulchuck's Cool Site
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A web site showcasing Christian poetry, along with
other Christian content. Poetry submissions are welcome. offering free E-mail.
13 amessenger
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Trying to bring Church Services to the home bound
Sermons - Prayer Request - Christian Fellowship
14 Emanuel Swedenborg, natural scientist and christia
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"Swedenborg's world is immense comprehensive. He had give answers to all of my questions, no matter how hard they had pressed me. Restless soul, tormented heart, take and read!" (August Strindberg)
15 Dr. Johnson.org
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Free Christian Resources
16 HannaProse Non-Denominational Internet Ministries
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Biblical History, Scriptural Literature, Bible Studies, Apologetics, Slide Shows, Free Graphics, Christian Fiction, Christian Short Stories, Testimonials, a blog and FREE PC Bibles named e-sword.
17 The LORD is my Shepherd
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Christian forum ministry
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19 Royal Daughters Scripture Jewelry & Church Fundraisers
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Scripture And Inspirational Jewelry. Easy & profitable church and Christian School online fundraiser. Hostess a virtual party, become a representative or buy wholesale for your store, website or direct sales. Many handcrafted items by and for homemakers.
20 Love Each Other Ministries
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We are supporting 50 Pastors, 20 Orphans, 15 Widows, 20 people with leprosy and 12 handicapped with medication, food, clothing, shelter. We are taking the Gospel of Jesus to the villages. Plant and pastor churches, Partner with us to bring healing and de

List Founded February 2005!

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